Care tips for Rhaphidophora

Many of you aren’t familiar with the Araceae family so lets talk about it!

Rhaphidophora Is a genus in the family Araceae, consisting of about 100 species of vigorous, evergreen, climbing plants. They are naturally occurring in tropical Africa, stretching eastwards through Malaysia, Australia and to the Western Pacific Region. 

Let’s cover the basics for the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma AKA the mini monstera, hailing from Thailand and Malaysia!

Care tips for Rhaphidophora

It is commonly referred to as the mini monstera, or the philodendron Ginny or piccolo but that is actually deceiving as although they are all members of the Araceae family the R. Tetrasperma is neither monstera nor philodendron ;)



Light: bright, indirect

Water: moderate wait until the top 2-5cm are dry.

Soil: well-draining

Humidity: medium

Propagation: stem cuttings

Growth Habit: climbing

Toxicity: toxic