Care guide for Ficus

Good Quality, well- suited potting mix is a crucial foundation that will nurture strong, healthy growth in your indoor jungle. Facilitating a plant’sI know a lot of you have had your issues with the fiddle leaf fig, so here are some basic care tips!

Light: bright, indirect 

Water: moderate, meaning once a week

Soil: well draining

Humidity: medium-high

Propagation: stem cuttings

Growth Habit: upright

Toxicity: toxic absorption of water and nutrients, as well as providing adequate drainage, the right potting mix gives your plants the best chance to thrive.

Care guide for Ficus

Now lets go over the different types of soil, which you can compare with our care tips for different species to know which is best for you!


Well-draining- standard premium potting mix that allows water to drain easily. The addition of perlite opens up the soil for better airflow and reduces moisture retention. 

Moisture retaining- A potting mix that retain moisture with the inclusion of coir or coco peat. Avoid mixes that contain peat moss, the harvesting of which is environmentally harmful. 

Coarse + Sandy- A potting mix with a high content of sand and grit, which allows water to quickly drain away from the roots- perfect for desert dwellers.