Plants are intrinsically built to grow and multiply. Whether you're looking
to expand your own collection or share the love with friends, propagating is
an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from your existing collection.
When setting out to propagate plants it's important to note that success
is definitely not guaranteed, so don't be discouraged if some cuttings
don't make it. Here are some things to consider to encourage successful

- Choose the healthiest plant. The exception to the rule here is if you have
a plant that you are trying to salvage by propagating. In which case you
really have nothing to lose.


- Propagation is best done in the warmer months when plants are in their
active growing period.

- Water your chosen plant a couple of days before propagating, so it's nice
and hydrated.

- Rainwater or distilled water is preferred when propagating.

- Take more cuttings than you need as not all will take.

- Handle cuttings gently when separating them from the original plant.

- Don't over-water cuttings or place them in too large a pot while the roots
are settling in, as this can drown your plant.

- Keep baby plants in a warm, brightly lit spot without any direct sunlight.

Once you’ve done these steps you are ready to propagate. Take your cuttings and place them in either water or soil! Once they have grown their roots you are ready to take them out and pot them into a bigger pot!